Fabiola Miranda Sanchez

Postdoctoral Associate
Parsons Laboratory for Environmental Science and Engineering fmiranda@mit.edu



B.Sc Chemist-Bacteriologist-Parasitologist. National School of Biological Sciences. National Polytechnic Institute; Mexico; 2009

PhD in Biomedical Sciences; Center For Genomics Sciences; National Autonomous University of Mexico; Mexico; 2016

Postdoctoral fellow at MIT, USA; 2016-present


Research Interests

To study the microbial ecology through the correlation of evolutionary traits with environmental features in order to understand the forces that drives the diversity of life.



Miranda-Sánchez, F., Rivera, J. and Vinuesa, P. (2016), Diversity patterns of Rhizobiaceae communities inhabiting soils, root surfaces and nodules reveal a strong selection of rhizobial partners by legumes. Environ Microbiol, 18: 2375–2391. doi:10.1111/1462-2920.13061