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Plata Lab

Society’s grand challenges of climate, water, and energy will not be solved using the same type of thinking that created them. The Plata Lab at Yale University seeks to change the approach to innovation globally, where engineered solutions of the future will incorporate environmental objectives early in the design process to ensure sustainable technologies in a resource-limited world.  

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Polz Lab

Environmental microbiology is at an important crossroads. Over the last twenty years we have learned that microbes are the most ubiquitous organisms on Earth, yet the dynamics that govern their interactions and evolution remain poorly understood. What is the role of individual populations within the community? What is the range of genomic similarity that defines a population as a functional unit? What mechanisms govern diversification of microbial populations in the environment?

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Saavedra Lab

Network and Community Ecology

Structure and Feasibility of Ecological Communities

"Environments and populations are dynamic and constantly changing, we must keep them both capable of further natural change" Rosemary Grant

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The Chisholm Lab

The focus of research in the Chisholm Laboratory is the marine microorganism, Prochlorococcus.

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