Microbial taxonomy in the post-genomic era: Rebuilding from scratch?

TitleMicrobial taxonomy in the post-genomic era: Rebuilding from scratch?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsThompson CC, Amaral GR, CampeĆ£o M, Edwards RA, Polz MF, Dutilh BE, Ussery DW, Sawabe T, Swings J, Thompson FL
JournalArch Microbiol
Date Published2015 Apr

Microbial taxonomy should provide adequate descriptions of bacterial, archaeal, and eukaryotic microbial diversity in ecological, clinical, and industrial environments. Its cornerstone, the prokaryote species has been re-evaluated twice. It is time to revisit polyphasic taxonomy, its principles, and its practice, including its underlying pragmatic species concept. Ultimately, we will be able to realize an old dream of our predecessor taxonomists and build a genomic-based microbial taxonomy, using standardized and automated curation of high-quality complete genome sequences as the new gold standard.

Alternate JournalArch. Microbiol.
PubMed ID25533848