David Vaninsberghe

Graduate Student
Parsons Lab for Environmental Science and Engineering MIT

Research Interests

Microbial population ecology

Medical and environmental genomics


Graduate student, Microbiology Program, MIT, 2013 – present

B.Sc. Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 2008 – 2012


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  2. VanInsberghe D., Hartmann M, Stewart GR, Mohn WW. 2013. Isolation of a substantial proportion of the bacterial community detected via pyrotag sequencing in forest soils. AEM. 79(6):2096-8.
  3. Hartmann M., Howes C.G., VanInsberghe D., Yu H., Bachar D., Christen R., Nilsson R.H., Hallam S.J., Mohn W.W. 2012. Significant and persistent impact of timber harvesting on soil microbial communities in Northern coniferous forests. ISME J. 6: 2199-2218.